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Software development is our craftsmanship ...

In all projects we have worked and are working with, software development is included as one main component. We believe we master all phases of a software development project, from specification and initial design through the implementation phase and testing until the final “complete” product and maintenance of the product.

Starting with a microprocessor from “scratch” we can implement a suitable interrupt structure and memory allocation, add a scheduler or a real-time operating system, proceed with drivers for various peripheral units, continue with the implementation of the application and its algorithms (fixed-point implementation if desired) and so on. For software implementation in these systems we have used C, C++ and, in the early days, assembly language.

Often, we assist with the functional development in new or existing products. Here too, the development is often in C or C++ but just as often graphical code generation tools which can be either customer-specific or commercially available.

... and we're getting good at it

As for microprocessors, we can take an FPGA or a CPLD from “scratch”, define its configuration, map its pins and specify timing conditions, implement the desired functionality, simulate it, and finally test and verify the implementation in hardware. For implementation in these systems we have used VHDL language.

We have also helped with software development on the PC-side in the form of drivers for communication with embedded systems and HMI:s for presentation and interaction with the embedded systems. When developing software for the PC-side we have used the programming languages C#, Java and Python.

ACE Control Systems AB is a consultancy firm focused on development and testing of software in embedded systems where control theory and signal processing are the core elements.

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