Converter control

Converter control expertise

We provide specialist competence within the area of converter control systems. Some of the converter systems that we have worked with are listed below:

  • Three-phase converter for the control of PM- and IM-machines.
  • Three-phase line-side converters (3ph <-> DC).
  • Step-up chopper battery charger (DC -> DC).
  • Dual Active Bridge (DC -> DC).
  • One-phase line-side regenerative converters, 4QC (1ph <-> DC).
  • Auxiliary power converters (DC -> 3ph AC).
  • Softstarters (Self-commutated rectifier, 3ph AC -> 3ph AC).

PM motor control

Our software library for the control of permanent magnet (PM) motors is implemented in floating point C and has a well defined API for easy integration in different customer products.

When compiled for a TI TMS320C28x the footprint of the library is ca 3 kBytes code and and ca 0.5 kBytes data. When the C28 is clocked with 150 MHz the it takes approximately 21 µs to execute the control algorithms.

By providing:

  • Our software library for permanent magnet (PM) motor control.
  • Help with the initial integration, commissioning and verification of the motor control in you product.
  • Support and development services as long as this is desired.

, we offer you cost efficient, high quality PM motor control for your product.
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