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Hardware In the Loop (HIL) testing is a fantastic way to ensure the quality of your product before it is released to your customers.

We had our own “Aha-experience” in this area when we assisted a customer with the development of a battery charger (design, implementation and test of control and protection). After having completed the testing in the HIL-testbench we managed to start up the new product in the power lab in less than two hours!

Since then we have bought our own HIL-simulator and have helped several of our customers develop fully automated HIL-based testenvironments around it.


... for your product

Our offer to you is, simply put, “HIL-testing from wheat to loaf”. We offer a low threshold into the HIL-world since:

  • We have purchased our own HIL-simulator, with associated software, from dSpace and can build your HIL-testbench around it.

  • We have gathered our experiences of HIL-testing in an extensive framework of models, software, mechanics and electronics. Using this framework we can develop a HIL-testbench for a new customer in a very short time

  • We provide personnel for the development of the testbench and, if needed, also with the development of test scripts for automated regression testing.
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