System design

Part ners


For many years now, we have been collaborating with the companies TinArm Engineering AB, Kraftkontruktion AB and Simonsson Technical Consulting AB.

Through Martin West and his colleagues, TinArm Engineering AB provides expertise in the field of inverter and motor design.

Kraftkonstruktion AB and Simonsson Technical Consulting AB, through their owners Erik Högberg and John Simonsson, provide expertise in the field of power electronics and PCB design.

Converter systems

By combining Ace Control Systems' expertise in converter control, software development and testing with the expertise of our partners, we design and develop customer specific converter systems.

If you would for example need an inverter and an electrical machine with some specific requirements to meet the demands of your application, we can help you design and develop all the components of that system.
ACE Control Systems AB is a consultancy firm focused on development and testing of software in embedded systems where control theory and signal processing are the core elements.

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